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Brand: NA


(a) Laminated Tissue Coaster

Material:Laminated Paper

Number of Ply: 1 ply

Size: 90mm Diameter

Packing:500 pcs x 20 packs x 1ctn

Carton Size: 360 (W) x 460 (D) x 220 (H) mm

Description:Disposable Laminated Paper Coaster for restaurant use to put below glasses or cup

Use:It is use to put under glasses or cup to prevent wetting the table

Details: Commonly use for restaurant or Bar or Pub

Way of Dispense: NA

Country of Origin: Malaysia

We are: Manufacturer or Supplier or Distributor


To be put under drinks to prevent wetting the table.

laminated paper coaster laminated paper coaster laminated paper coaster
Wet Tissue Towel
Picture of carton box:
Wet Tissue Towel
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Wet Tissue Towel