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Cleaning Chamicals and Detergent - click here for printable version

General Cleaning
multipurpose cleaner glass cleaner germicidal cleaner
Grand All Grand Glass Grand Plus
Multipurpose Cleaner Glass Cleaner Heavy Duty Germicidal Cleaner Detergent
All Purpose and Neutral PH kind of detergent. Generally for floor, car, bathroom and even hands. Glass Cleaner Detergent Powerful germicide with perfume.
pine disinfectant cleaner scrubbinh chemicals chlorinated cleanaer
Grand Pine Grand Scrubbing Grand Clorox
General Disinfectant Cleaner Detergent Low Foam Floor Cleaner Detergent Chlorinated Detergent Cleaner
Disinfectant cleaner with strong medicine fragrance Excellent and Powerful floor cleaner made for use with scrubbing machine Chlorine base type of detergent cleaner. Excellent for deep cleaning and bleaching purposes
Hands and Body
hand soap hand soap with moisturizer anti bacteria hand soap
Grand Comfort Grand Comfort Pearl Grand AB Hand Soap
Hand Soap
(Apple and Lemon Fragrance)
Moisturizer Hand Soap
(Apple and Lemon Fragrance)
Anti Bacteria Hand Soap
(Apple and Lemon Fragrance)
Superior Hand Soap Detergent Hand Soap with moisturizer Antibacteria hand Soap
foam hand soap hair and body shampoo industrial hand gel
Grand Foam Grand Shampoo Grand Comfort Gel
Foam Hand Soap
(Pamelo Fragrance)
Hair and Body Shampoo
(Lemon, Lux and Drakka Fragrance)
Industrial Hand Gel
Foam Type hand Soap Hair and body shampoo Gel with scrub type of hand soap
alcohol hand sanitizer
Grand Sanitizer
Waterless Hand Sanitizer With Alcohol
Alcohol type of hand sanitizer
Toilet Cleaner and Detergent
toilet deodorizer toilet bowl cleaner deodorant block
Grand Fresh Grand Bacteria Grand Deo
Deodorizer and Disinfectant Detergent(Lime and Floral) Toilet Bowl Cleaner Grand Deo - Deodorant Block
Toilet perfume with disinfectant agent Toilet bowl cleaner Deodorant block or Parablock
deodorant pad
Grand Deo Pad
Urinal Deodorant Pad
Rubber pad with strong fragrance
Floor Care
stripper floor wax buffing solution
Grand Stripper Grand Shine Grand Buff
Floor Wax Stripper High Metal Floor Polish (Wax) Buffing Solution
A stripper; excellent in removing wax and polish Grand Shine is a quality floor finishes, produce a high gloss with buffing solution Spray buffing solution to be use with buffing machine to bring back the shine of waxed floor.
mosaic floor cleaner marble cleaner marble buffing solution
Grand Mosaic Marble Hardening Powder Marble Maintenance Agent
Mosaic Floor cleaner
Special cleaning chemical just for Mosaic surface This powder is specialize to scrub marbel floor To act as buffing solution for mable floor
Carpet and Fabric Care
carpet shampoo carpet spotter defoamer
Grand Carpet Grand Spotter Grand Defoamer
Carpet Shampoo Concentrated Detergent Grand Spotter- Carpet Stain Removal Detergent Grand Defoamer- Foam Removal Detergent
Carpet Shampoo A chemical that can be used on the spot dirt on the carpet Foam Reduce Agent
fabric odour neutralizer
Grand Fabric Odour
Fabric Odour Removal Chemicals
Neutralizing odour for fabric surface, such as, carpet, mattress and curtain
Restaurant Chemical and Detergent
dish wash ovan and grill cleaner table detergent
Grand Wash Grand Power Grand Repellent
Dish Wash Detergent Oven and Grill Cleaner Detergent Rinse Free Dinning Table Detergent 
Detergent for plate, bowl, glass and cutlary Powerful Detergent with special formulated to remove carbonated on grill and ovan A restaurant must have detergent special design for table together with insect and/or fly repellent.
utensile soaking powder machine dish wash chemicals
Grand Soak Grand Super Wash/Rinse
Utensile soaking powder Dish Wash Machine type of chemical
Utensile soaking powder to loosen stubburn stain and grease To use for dishwash machine
Car Care Cleaning Detergent
car shampoo car tyre bright foam car shampoo
Grand V Cleaner Grand Rubber T Grand Snow
Car Wash Detergent Tyre Polish Foam type of car shampoo
Car Shampoo Polymer base car tyre shine agent Foam type Car Shampoo
Metal Care Cleaning Detergent
stainless steel cleaner coil cleaner scouring cream
Grand Stainless Steel Grand Coil Grand Scouring
Stainless Steel Polish Cleaner Aircond Coil Cleaner Scouring Cream
Stainless Steel Polish and Shine Aircond Coil Cleaner This liquid scouring creme is excellent for cleaning, disinfecting and polishing porcelain, chrome, stainless steel and, more
Industrial Cleaner and detergent
industrial degreaser surface renovator rust removal and descaller
Grand 4000 Grand 1010 Grand 1016 - Rust Removal
Industrial Degreaser and Cleaner Detergent Industrial Surface Renovator Detergent Rust Removal
Industrial degreaser Heavy duty degreaser and renovator Rush removal and descaller
cement softener gum removal
Grand C-Softener Grand Gum
Cement Softener Gum Removal
Acid base cement softener To remove gum and adhesive
Packing Available
detergent packing detergent packing
Aerosol Products
telephone spray furniture spray air freshener refill stainless steel polish
Telephone spray (250ml) Furniture Spray (400ml) Air Freshener Refill (300ml) – Lemon, Lavender and Morning mist Stainless Steel Polish (400ml)