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Cleaning Accessories and Tools - click here for printable version

floop mop floop mop floop mop floop mop floop mop
Full Colour Round Mop 330 grams – White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
dust mop acrlic dust mop dust mop frame
Cotton Mop Refill 40cm / 60cm / 80cm /100cm Acrylic Dust Mop refill 40cm / 60cm / 80cm / 100cm Dust mop frame 40cm / 60cm / 80cm / 100cm
lamb wool and t bar window squeegee
Lamb Woll and T Bar Window Squeegee
aluminium handle wood handle telescopic
Aluminium Handle 4'and 5' Wood Handle 2.5'and 4'and 6' Aluminium Telescopic 2x1.25 meter and 3x2.0 meter and 3x3.0 meter
aluminium handle
Metal Handle 4'
platic broom thailand broom lidi broom
Nylon Broom Refill Thailand Broom with handle Lidi Broom
hard brush drain brush dustpan
Plastic Sweeper Broom Deck Brush Dustpan with handle
feather duster toilet bowl bush screeper
Feather Duster Toilet Bowl Brush Screeper
cob web water pail
Cobweb Refill only Mopping Pail 5 galon Mop Dryer for pail
rubber host toilet bowl pump chemical spray bottle
Rubber host 30 Meter Black Toilet Bowl Pump Chemical Spray Bottle
floor sign self closing dust pan floor squeegee
Floor Sign

Option A: Cleaning In Progress
Option B: Caution Wet Floor
Self Closing Dust Pan Floor Squeegee
Size a: 22 inch
Size b: 30 inch
floor squeegee floor squeegee floor squeegee
16" Floor Squeegee (Small) Foam 16" Floor Squeegee (Lion Star) Foam 24" Floor Squeegee Rubber
battery good morning towel microfiber cloth
Battery D and AA Good Morning towel Microfiber Cloth
Size: 40cm x 40cm

a) Normal Type
(Colour Available: pink, blue, yellow, green)

b) Grass Type
(Colour Available: Blue)
Bottle with pump head Scouring Creame 1 liter empty bottle
Empty Bottle with Pump Head Good Maid - WIZ (JIF or CIF) 1 Liter Empty Bottle