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Laundry Chamicals and Detergent - click here for printable version

Laundry Main Wash Detergent
laundry detergent laundry detergent
Shin Primary Powder Shin Primary Liquids
Laundry Main Detergent Powder Laundry Main Liquids Detergent
Concentrated laundry detergent for main wash Normal type main wash detergent in liquid form
laundry detergent laundry detergent
Shin Premium Plus (2 in1) Shin Classic
Main Wash + Oxygen Bleach Normal Laundry Powder (Econ Series*)
Premix powder of Main wash detergent and oxygen bleach. General laundry detergent for main wash
Laundry Bleaching Product
laundry bleacing agent laundry bleacing agent
Shin Oxygen Shin Chlorine
Landry Oxygen Bleach Powder(Hot Water Needed) Laundry Chlorine Bleach Powder
Oxygen bleach for fabric with colour but hot water is necessary Chlorine bleach for white fabric but only for white colour
laundry bleacing agent laundry neutralizer agent
Shin Alkaline Shin Sour (Neutralizer)
Laundry Alkaline Booster Powder Laundry Alkaline Neutralizer Powder
Alkalinity Booster Alkalinity neutralizer
Other Laundry Products
fabric softener fabric emulsifier
Shin Soft Shin Extra
Laundry Fabric Softener Laundry Emulsifier
Fabric softerner Animals fats emulisifier cleaner