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Garbage Bags - click here for printable version

garbage bags
Size Specification Packing Colour
Small Size
Garbage Bag
47cm x 54cm x 0.01mm (18.5 "x 21.3") 30 sheets x 200packs x 1bundle Black and blue
Medium Size
Garbage Bag
56cm x 84cm x 0.01mm
(22"x 33")
30 sheets x 150packs x 1bundle Black
Large Size
Garbage Bag
74cm x 90cm x 0.016mm
(29"x 35")
10 sheets x 180pkt x 1bundle Black
Extra Large Size
Garbage Bag
90cm x 100cm x 0.06mm
(35”x 40”)
10 sheets x 30packs x 1 bundle Black
Sanitary Bag 48cm x 74cm
(19"x 29")
50 sheets per pack Blue
120 Liter Wheel Bin
Garbage Bag
96cm x 114cm x 0.03mm
(38"x 45")
16 shees x 30packks x 1 bundle Black
240 Liter Wheel Bin
Garbage Bag
127cm x 152cm x 0.03mm
(50"x 60")
10 sheets x 30pkt x 1 bundle Black
garbage bags size guide