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Brand: Grand Chemical

Name: Grand Carpet

Product Name:

(a)Carpet Shampoo

Packing:5 liter or 10 liter or 20 liter

Grand Carpet - Low Foam Carpet Shampoo

Grand Carpet is a Rug and carpet shampoo, highly concentrated fragrant shampoo with low foam for all types of rugs and carpets. Grand carpet is suitable for all light and dark colors rug and carpet, will dries to a hard, non-tacky powdery residue that is easily removed by vacuum.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

We are: Manufacturer or Supplier or Distributor

Carpet Shampoo Carpet Shampoo Carpet Shampoo Carpet Shampoo
(a) Carpet Shampoo
(a) Carpet Shampoo
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(a) Carpet Shampoo
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(a) Carpet Shampoo