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Welcome to ENC Nationwide Sdn Bhd

ENC Nationwide Sdn. Bhd. is a respected and well-known Malaysian-based company, which was established in December 2002. Ever since then, ENC Nationwide has gained a substantial market shares and has maintained an excellent reputation in the field.

Initially ENC Nationwide Sdn. Bhd. was a Malaysian Premium Tissue Paper Supplier which only focused on tissue paper market, however on later stage it has really developed as a pioneer supplying not only industrial tissue paper but also heavily invested in the R&D of cleaning / laundry chemicals.

ENC Nationwide Sdn. Bhd. is comprised of group of professional staff that is specialized in chemicals, tissue paper and cleaning products in order to provide our customers the best service ever. We believe in quality, price and service, as these factors are our strong points that make ENC Nationwide so successful in the market.

Our product include all kinds of Tissue Paper such as Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Paper, Hand Towel Tissue paper, Inter Fold Hand Towel Tissue Paper, Multi (M) Fold Hand Towel Tissue Paper, C Fold Hand Towel Tissue Paper, Hand Roll Towel (HRT) Tissue Paper, Serviette Tissue Paper, Cocktail Napkin Tissue paper, Luncheon Napkins Tissue Paper, Dinner Napkins Tissue Paper, Center Flow (CFT) Hand Towel Tissue Paper, Compact Fold (5 Fold) Hand Towel Tissue Paper, Hygiene Bath Tissue (HBT) Paper, Pop Up Tissue paper, Facial Tissue paper Box, Small Toilet Roll Tissue Paper, Industrial Roll Tissue Paper and many more.

Cleaning Chemicals including Multipurpose Cleaning Detergent Chemical, Glass Cleaning Detergent Chemical, Pine Cleaning Detergent Chemical, Hand Soap Detergent, Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant Cleaning Detergent Chemical, Toilet Bowl Cleaning Detergent, Stripper, Wax and Polish, Buffing Solution, Carpets Cleaning Detergent Chemical, Dish Wash Cleaning Detergent, Grill and Ovan Cleaning Detergent, Car Shampoo Cleaning Detergent, Stainess Steel Polish, Industrial Degreaser and many more.

Laundry detergent we have Main Wash Laundry Detergent, Bleach, Softerner, and Emulsifier.

Full Range of cleaning machine for example Vacuum Cleaning Machine, Scrubbing Cleaning Machine, Buffing Cleaning Machine, Floor Blower, Carpet Extractor and High Pressure Jet Cleaning Machine.

To make our company a one stop shopping destination, we have also include other products to our product list such as Dispenser and Hand Dryer, All Size of Garbage Bags, Hygienic Product, Floor Mats, Q-Up Stand, Cleaning Accessories, Trolleys, Fly Trap, Rubbish Bins, Traffic and Safety.